Back To School

Back To School

IMG_20160906_1830421The Back to School initiative was sponsored by Bobby Hair Palace in Houston Texas and MOCEDC Board of Directors. Sponsors from Houston Texas was also responsible for funding the family shopping spear.

Maggie’s Outreach Community Economic Development Center held a back to school event to support the community. At the event they gave away school supplies, raffles prizes, food, played games and had some musical fun to set the mood with a private DJ.

The CEO Ophelia Ray spoke about the services of Maggie’s Outreach, their goals and introduced the guest speakers Commissioner James Leech and Tony Hunt from the education department.

IMG_20160826_1405591Myself and Commander Freddie Sr Mcphaul from Ellis Williamson American Legion Post 20 American Legion Department of North Carolina 16th District were in attendance to show support for Maggie’s Outreach Community Economic Development Center as they have become a cornerstone in the community. They did an outstanding job hosting this event as the students in attendance were elementary to high school.

Commissioner Leech spoke to students about the importance of education and community bonding. In addition, he told students that he will be in and out of schools, checking on everyone and to not be afraid to speak to him if they see him on campus.

Tony Hunt also explained to students about the importance of education and things students can do in school to be successful. In addition to some upcoming events in the school year.
There were about 100 people that showed up sporadically to the event.

For more information on Maggie’s Outreach as they offer a wide range of services for students to include tutoring, resume writing, mentorships, GED prep classes, after school programs, games and a host of other activities please contact 910-875-6623. The address is 1284 Fayetteville Rd. Raeford, NC 28376.

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