February 23, 2018

Road to Success Youth Enrichment


Maggie’s Youth Enrichment Center will ensure that all youth can engage in a controlled environment that fosters and promotes social acceptance and better relationship among their family and peers, while developing new habits that takes each youth through the private victory, to the public victory and then to a renewed victory with family, school, peers and community.


The Enrichment Center was established August 2012 in Hoke County providing  After School, Tutoring, Community Outreach, RTS Youth Mentoring,  Trips & Activities and Summer Camp, and in 2014 open Road To Success (RTS) Youth Enrichment Center in Sanford, NC (Lee County) to in-school youth ages 6-17 years old.  The Center’s are supported through State funding received the Department of Public Safety and private sponsors and Local dollars. (see more)