Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Program is designed for strengthening the bonds between community residents through civil service. Each program is dedicated to uplifting men and women emotionally and spiritually.

About The Program

Maggie’s Outreach 21st Century Learning Center is committed to helping men and women within our communities. The program is designed to allow youth to be held accountable for their actions to the community and/or victims by way of restitution or community service work.

What To Expect

Potential members of the program should expect to be active participants in helping out their community. We have three programs centered on being of service to others. Our Neighbors Helping Neighbors program is dedicated to providing food, water and other donations to those who are unable to gather such items themselves. The Mastering The Man In Me Initiative looks to provide guidance and brotherhood to men both young and old who are struggling with finding their faith. Finally, our Daughters of Hope Initiative brings together women of all ages to discuss the role of women in modern-day.

Requirements To Join

To become a member of the Community Outreach program all participants will need to be at least 10 years of age or older. Certain programs require certain conditions to be involved in them. Neighbors Helping Neighbors requires that if you will be delivering items to people that you be 21 years of age and undergo a background check. Mastering The Man In Me Initiative only accepts males while the Daughters of Hope Initiative is for females only.

Volunteers Needed

Would you like to work with young people? Maggie’s Outreach Community Development Center needs willing volunteers for our youth enriching programs. If you’ve always wanted to make a difference and help out a worthy cause, we welcome you to join us in shaping better futures for our youth. Click Here To Sign up As A Volunteer