Employment Assistance

The Employment Assistance Program is dedicated to helping employees be able to perform at their absolute best. Regardless of your job title or age, the work that you do matters to the people of your state and community. The program was designed to help with all life situations.

About The Program

The Employment Assistance Program is a state-sponsored benefit program that offers employees support and resources in order to address personal or professional issues that they are experiencing. We know that people can go through hard times and that can increase when life and work are stressful. Our goal is to help reduce that stress in any way we can.

What To Expect

When you access the services of the program, expect to take a needs assessment by an experienced, licensed counselor. Once you have been determined to require help, you will be assisted by a professional to find a resolution for your problems. If you require ongoing support, the Employee Assistance Program will connect you with cost-efficient resources for your care. All help that you receive from the program will not be sent to your employer. Confidentiality is an important part of the program. This is not followed only if someone’s safety is in question.

Requirements To Join

In order to receive services from the Employment Assistance Program you must be a verified worker in your state of residence that is 16 years of age or older. This service is also available to the immediate household family members of the Emergency Assistance Program member.

Volunteers Needed

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