Rebuilding The Dream Day

Rebuilding The Dream Day is a program dedicated to helping steer troubled youth down a better path before they become adults. The program works closely with the county and the school system to ensure that each student does not fall behind academically and socially.

About The Program

The Structured Day Youth Program's primary focus is to engage youth ages 10-17 in academic support and activities that will change their mindset, empower positive decision making, develop character, improve family relationship, and provide strategies for dream manifestation

What To Expect

Youth enrolled into this program will have to address several areas in order to be placed back into their original school. The program will cover areas related to school, their community, peers, and life skills. Students will learn about how to avoid being influenced by their peers and community into doing the wrong thing. Regarding their education, students will work on assignments to avoid falling behind. They will also learn about what is considered appropriate school behavior. There will also be sections teaching students about key social skills that will help them navigate a post-school life. Students will learn skills that will help them to manage their own thoughts and emotions in acceptable ways.

Requirements To Join

This program is available only to youths between the ages of 10 and 17 who are currently on long term suspension from the public school system. Enrollment will be based on the referral form related to each student. No fees are necessary to be enrolled into the program.

Volunteers Needed

Would you like to work with young people? Maggie’s Outreach Community Development Center needs willing volunteers for our youth enriching programs. If you’ve always wanted to make a difference and help out a worthy cause, we welcome you to join us in shaping better futures for our youth. Click Here To Sign up As A Volunteer