Professional Development

The Professional Development Program is designed to help the professional acumen of individuals or to help people advance in their respective career fields. This helps to build candidates for higher-paying positions in key industries such as education, technology, and medicine to name a few.

About The Program

Our goal is to provide assistance to those who seek to bolster their understanding within a particular topic area. This increased understanding is meant to propel individuals forward in their chosen career field. Several industries take part in professional development programs to strengthen their employees. From teachers and nurses who seek certifications and licensing to business professionals who want to keep up to date on the latest business trends.

What To Expect

Participants should expect to work in a classroom environment where they will have lectures from certified instructors knowledgeable within their career field. Depending on the career some classes may last from four to eight hours. Meetings will be weekly at the same time and day unless told otherwise. Each meeting will be dedicated to refining your skills and professional practices. Meetings will offer a variety of professional development options to ensure that every person in attendance has the opportunity to gain new insight and information about their industry and themselves. Activities will require collaboration with fellow attendees to help facilitate communication and networking.

Requirements To Join

Joining the Professional Development Program is dependent upon the field in which you work. Seek clarification from the head of your department for more information.

Volunteers Needed

Would you like to work with young people? Maggie’s Outreach Community Development Center needs willing volunteers for our youth enriching programs. If you’ve always wanted to make a difference and help out a worthy cause, we welcome you to join us in shaping better futures for our youth. Click Here To Sign up As A Volunteer