Mastering The Man In Me Initiative

Mastering The Man In Me has a mission designed to give men of all ages the tools to remain the created man that was made in the image of God.

About The Program

The Mastering The Man In Men Initiative has one goal and vision: to assist men of all ages to remain in the image that God has created them to be. Our desire is to help each man with their walk with Christ as they develop the courage to remain in the faith, strengthen their spiritual lifestyle, and gain the endurance to live a Christ-centered life.

What To Expect

Members of the group can expect to participate in small group activities meant to minister to men the four dimensions of manhood: identity, relationships, purpose, and vision. We seek to allow men the ability to grow in their walk with Christ through their church’s Men’s Group’s or through personal study. Members will be able to find their place in Christ regardless of their past. Men will also be able to find ways to deepen their personal relationships with a spiritual foundation. We will help each member to find and walk in their purpose while also seeking a deeper commitment in Christ.

Requirements To Join

To be a member of the Mastering The Man In Me Initiative, you must be a male at least 10 years of age or older. Youth must also be members of the Youth Enrichment Center. Meetings occur once a week and attendance will be mandatory. If a member is unable to attend a meeting that week, they must provide staff with advance notice.

Volunteers Needed

Would you like to work with young people? Maggie’s Outreach Community Development Center needs willing volunteers for our youth enriching programs. If you’ve always wanted to make a difference and help out a worthy cause, we welcome you to join us in shaping better futures for our youth. Click Here To Sign up As A Volunteer