Youth Enrichment Center

The Youth Enrichment Center is designed for providing the youth with positive influences. The center ultimately wants to have the youth be contributors to their communities.

21ST Century Learning Center

The 21st Century Learning Center is designed to provide productive activities during after school hours. Youth will gain access to projects that will help them to understand what they can expect after graduating from school.

Hoke Reentry Council

The Road to Success 2nd Chance Workforce Center CRTS (CWC) is designed to provide a comprehensive skills preparation program that meets the clients' needs in reaching his or her desired lon&term and short-term goals. ultimately contributing to the betterment and growth of the community.

Training Center

The Training Center was designed as a palace where employed individuals can come and receive additional training for their career fields. Members will learn brand new skills that will ultimately prepare them to propel forward.

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Program is designed for strengthening the bonds between community residents through civil service. Each program is dedicated to uplifting men and women emotionally and spiritually.


The Economical Development Center is designed to provide community members with the means to actively participate in the economy. Whether it be through job creation, employment or learning about economics, we want to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to make their community a better place.